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Dog Tails

Tuesday: Noon - 3pm
Dog Tails

This outrageously funny show features a whole pack of our canine friends barking at postal employees and delivery people by day and howling at the moon (& imaginary objects) at night. Special added bonus sections of interaction with gardeners and other around-the-house workers.

We love our pets in Los Gatos! So KCAT TV thought it would be fun for the community to hear stories about people's furry friends. Our crew of students and professionals spent a morning in Town Plaza interviewing dogs and their owners with some funny questions. Within minutes there were lines of people waiting to be interviewed! We need some animal lovers and businesses to sponsor this original show so we can continue to hear dog stories, see their tricks and support pet adoptions. Go to to be a sponsor.

DJ Rocky Toren ( a Japanese Chin mix ) is a Ten-time world champion postal barker. Rocky assembles an all-star pack of his canine friends (Reggie, Eddie and Molly) in a intoxicating display of woofs, growls, howls, banshee-barking and whines! Just testing here what happens when we add a lot more text. So Reggie does most of the whining; Eddie woofs and growls & Molly barks like a banshee. Nobody really howls - except when it's a full moon.

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