In a digital media world, we know that television remains a beloved platform for all news and entertainment.  In that spirit, KCAT is excited to launch a new program for volunteers 55+ who are post-career, into retirement and beyond that would have an interest in running our growing local public TV & Radio station.  By joining THE PRODUCERS, you will bring a wealth of value and skills to KCAT and your community in a fun, exciting and innovative way that incorporates your everyday interests, skills, and talents.

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With an extraordinary talented group of volunteers, our KCAT team looks forward to covering local news and events in our community, as well as creating engaging content.   Complete our quick survey below, and you will see how easy it is to become involved, make a difference, and explore how your everyday skills and talents are transferable to running a TV & Radio station!  Tell your friends, family and neighbors about THE PRODUCERS - it will be a rewarding and exciting experience for everyone!