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Classes will be taught by Zach, KCAT's superstar Technical Director and expert of all the tech equipment and workflow at the station.  In addition to his vast knowledge and skills, Zach brings an infectious energy and enthusiasm to mentoring and teaching his classes that will keep you coming back for more.  Among the many hats he wears (literally), Zach is also Director and Editor of original content produced for KCAT Channel 15 including a plethora of episodic TV series and large-scale productions at community events.  He is an award-winning public speaker at competitive speech and debate competitions around the country. 

Video Podcasting

Tech or Talent? Behind-the-scenes or Behind-the-mic?

Choose a 3-session pathway to become a pro and create a show!

• Podcast Talent Training / Only $149 for all 3 sessions:

Session 1:  Monday, July 31 (6:00-7:00PM)
Session 2:  Wednesday, August 2 (6:00-7:00PM)
Session 3:  LIVE SHOW!  Friday August 4 (5:30-7:30PM - includes dinner + show link)

• Podcast Tech Training / Only $149 for all 3 sessions:    

Session 1:  Tuesday, August 1 (6:00-7:00PM)
Session 2:  Thursday, August 3 

Session 3:  LIVE SHOW!  Friday August 4 (5:30-7:30PM - includes dinner + show link)


• LIMITED SPACE! 6 student per pathway (12 total) / fills up fast


This is your opportunity to direct a live show while mastering industry standard TV broadcasting and recording equipment.  Starting with the basics, you will learn how the audio and video equipment works to seamlessly integrate the control room with the studio.  This hands-on experience will also prepare you for the inevitable...when something goes wrong (troubleshooting) in this fast-paced, exciting environment.  Lastly, as a superstar director, you will learn show procedures and how to communicate with the talent.  Now take a seat in the director's chair, put on your headset, and three, two, one....  


It's an art to speak your mind or host a show behind a mic and on camera!  This is an exclusive opportunity to work on the set in a professional TV studio while learning about broadcast and podcast production!   As talent, this class takes you through the joys of learning mic technique, on camera presence, timing, and communicating with the tech team.  The sky's the limit when set designing and brainstorming your show ideas which will be turned into an outline or script where you will learn to master the on-camera experience.  Ready to bring your show to life?  Lights, camera, action...

TV Broadcasting
Digital Storytelling
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